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Soy Study Participants Needed

What is the Soy Study?

Thanks for your interest in the Soy Study. This study will test the health benefits of a unique dietary supplement obtained from soy beans. The supplement is available in the form of pills and as a powder. The primary goal of this study is to determine whether this supplements can lower risk factors for heart disease and other conditions.

Who is eligible for the study?

Investigators are looking for participants who are 35 to 75 years old and who have some risk factors of heart disease. These risk factors are being a smoker, being overweight or obese, having high blood pressure, having high blood lipids or glucose and having a family history of heart disease. Volunteers must not be sensitive to soy.

What is expected of participants?

Participants are expected to attend all meetings and visits scheduled. All meetings will be scheduled on Sundays 7-10 am.Participants must take the dietary supplements or pills as prescribed and should not change their routines or lifestyles.  

How can I participate?

You can let us know if you are interested in Soy Study by any of the following 3 ways:

  1. Fill out the participant form.
  2. Send us an email at soystudy@llu.edu
  3. Call us at 909-558-4300 ext.47169

How long will the study last?

The study will last for 7 months starting from October 2015. During that

time participants will have two breaks from the study for two weeks each. Participants are expected to visit the clinic 13 times during the study. At these visits, dietary pills or powder will be provided and height, weight and blood pressure will be taken. During 10 of these visits blood will be drawn.

What will it cost?

Participants will not pay for any part of  the Soy Study such as laboratory tests or  supplements. Instead, participants will be provided with test results such as cholesterol and glucose tests. Participants will receive $200 as compensation at the end of the Soy Study which will be the 13th visit to the clinic.

Who is conducting the study?

This study is one of the many dietary studies conducted by a team of nutrition researchers at Loma Linda University. The protocol of Soy Study is approved by Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is the independent committee of physicians and public health professionals, to make sure that there is no harm toward participants and possible benefits, not only for participants, but also for others in the future.      

Dr. Joan Sabaté

Dr. Joan Sabaté

Nutritionist, Principal Investigator

Dr. Joan Sabate is the Principal Investigator of the study and a leading researcher in nutrition. He has a rich background of experience in conducting clinical trials on the benefits of nuts, avocados, soy beans and other plant foods. He has also directed considerable research in the area of vegetarian nutrition.
Dr. Ella Haddad

Dr. Ella Haddad

Registered Dietician

Dr. Ella Haddad is a Registered Dietitian who managed many clinical feeding trials conducted by the team. She is also a nutritional biochemist and instrumental in facilitating the laboratory research for the studies.
Dr. Karen Jaceldo-Siegl

Dr. Karen Jaceldo-Siegl

Nutritional Epidemiologist

Dr. Karen Jaceldo-Siegl is a nutritional epidemiologist and a co-investigator on the well-known Adventist Health Study. Her primary focus is on the nutrition and health benefits of soy beans and soy products. She has conducted research to determine the relationship between eating soy product and growth of children.

click herrelationship between eating soy product and growth of children.

Required Dates

To participate in the study you must be available to come to Loma Linda University on the following dates: October 11, 2015– First blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment October 18, 2015– Blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment,  get the first batch of pills November 8-13, 2015– Second batch of  pills December 6, 2015– Blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment December 13, 2015– Blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment January 3, 2016– Blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment, third batch of pills January 24-29, 2016– Fourth batch of pills February 21, 2016– Blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment February 28, 2016– Blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment March 13, 2016– Blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment, fifth batch of pills and first package of dietary supplement powder April 3-8, 2016– Final batch of pills and dietary supplement powder May 1, 2016– Blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment May 8, 2016– Final blood draw, weight and blood pressure assessment

LLUSPH Soy Study


All study visits will take place on the Loma Linda University campus. LLU School of Public Health 24951 North Circle Drive Nichol Hall Room A112 Loma Linda, CA 92350